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About FreshBrain

In 1999, FreshBrain opened its doors to develop and create ideas that help businesses reach their maximum marketing efforts. From branding and graphic design, to website development and complete online marketing campaigns, we can take any project from idea to asset, all under one roof.

A Look Back At The Last 25 Years

1999 FreshBrain
2001 MP3s
2002 Crocs
2004 Facebook
2005 Cat Videos
2007 iPhone
2010 Instagram
2011 Game Of Thrones
2014 Alexa
2017 TikTok
2021 Shatner In Space
2024 25 Years

Y2K looms, Prince's "1999" plays endlessly, and FreshBrain opens its doors.

Why buy compact discs when you can wait hours to download one song? Thanks, Napster.

Once worn primarily by cranky toddlers, these ubiquitous shoes prove "Ugly Can Be Beautiful."

Productivity takes a nosedive, as millions discover the unbridled fun of "poking" a friend.

YouTube introduces us to calamity videos featuring the phrase, "You gotta put this on YouTube!" Plus cats.

The iPhone launches to record sales, proving nobody likes buttons on phones.

Photo album sales plummet, as all "duckface" pictures now go online.

Millions are riveted, waiting six long years for winter to finally come.

Previously named "Ivona" in Poland, people have even less reason to move, as weak AI debuts.

At long last, the masses have a place for toxic content, misinformation, and threats to national security.

Finally! Next up: Replicators.

Happy Anniversary to us! Thank you to all of our clients and partners.

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