Without a keen grasp of what motivates consumers, it’s an uphill battle to differentiate your organization from those vying for the same markets. Understanding buyer attitudes and patterns is imperative to increasing revenue. Utilizing current, credible market data, we focus our efforts on personalization, positioning, and data-driven direction.




Beltone Electronics

Challenge: Because there are stigmas associated with the need to wear a hearing aid, it generally takes 7 years  to make a purchasing decision. The cost, typically in excess of $3,000, is another reason for the long process. The Beltone network of retail dispensers are independently run. As a result, there is a critical need to unify the dispensers and attract consumers into the retail store.

Solution: As part of the traffic driving campaign, we want to launch the latest advancement – a virtually invisible hearing device. In addition, we wish to persuade consumers to come into Beltone for a risk-free, no-obligation, complimentary auditory screening. A 1-800 phone number is established for sales teams to answer consumer inquiries and attract them into dispensers on a national basis. All sales materials are coordinated for consistency.

Result: The number of 1-800 calls for the campaign more than doubled, from an average  of 500 calls to over 1,100. The media buy remained consistent, so the increased call volume was attributed to the campaign’s creative assets and the technology-focused message.

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The number of units sold at retail surged by over 25%.




PJLA Music

Challenge: Lack of brand and product awareness translates into a reluctance on the part of retail music stores to stock and sell PJLA’s offerings. There  is little or no consumer pull in terms of acceptance or demand.

Solution: Third party endorsements rank high in the decision-making process of purchases. This applies to both consumers and resellers. Endorsements by ethical, recognized personalities, generally diminish the lengthy product field-test time and facilitate sales. PJLA Music pre-selected high profile players for solicitation with the aim of positioning them as Artist Endorsers via support from feature advertising materials in major consumer magazines with solid distribution track records.

Result: Awareness of both brands, PHAETON & DAKOTA, grew geometrically. Sales increased significantly: Over a period of 6 months, the Saxophone business tripled while the Trumpet/Brass business increased by over 400%. Dealers were now confident enough to place larger orders and sales reps were able to offer a far more exciting message to PJLA’s distributors.

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PJLA Music now has the nucleus of high quality performers acting on the company’s behalf.